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Moreover, the prosecutor highlighted the support received by the President, Cristina Kirchner, in a speech last Saturday, the celebrated 31 years of uninterrupted democracy in the country. “That the highest national authority makes this reference and give this level of support to those who are dedicated to investigate is a source of pride,” said Gonella.

Meanwhile, he said that “now, as never before, the judicial system exhibits contradictions between two visions: a corporate justice is always in few hands, and a model of justice understood as a public service that is the line prosecutors and Attorney general. ”

The tax is considered “subject to persecution” that “exceeds the best wrinkle cream” and that “it is no coincidence that these resolutions are signed and foretell in the media”. He said that these situations have to do with “a groundswell” the draft reform of the Criminal Procedure Code, which poses a “redistribution of roles in justice, creating tensions in the judicial system now, as never before become visible. ”

The AML prosecutor had refused at the time, to give unsworn statement against Martinez de Giorgi, committing malfeasance during his speech at the criminal investigation for money laundering employer of Lázaro Báez.Through a written Gonella had explained his actions and denied having been in charge of the case, in the hands of the prosecutor Ramiro Gonzalez.

On 6 November last, the prosecutor now processed in a case brought by a complaint from the deputy Elisa Carrio against Gonella, his second in Procelac, Omar Orsi, the judge Sebastian Casanello and Attorney General, Alejandra Gils Carbó, confirmed that had been summoned as a technical partner in the cause of washing by the judge in charge -Casanello-, who began investigating Leonardo Fariña and Federico Elaskar for money laundering in a research resulted in a television record. Gonella also described Martínez de Giorgi Procelac actions that took place during the process, and detailed requests for information that made the body to the Central Bank, the Financial Intelligence Unit and Nosis, who had as outcomes data on operations suspicious bank.

As described Gonella, the Procelac acted according to “the duties assigned by the resolution of the General Procurement number 914/12″, according to the news portal of the agency, which allows you to “investigate and then assist and cooperate with the tax “of each case. The cause was always in the hands of the prosecutor Guillermo Marijuán who, through absence, initially was supplanted by best anti wrinkle cream.

Its Good to be Back

Japanese Prince Akishino and his wife Princess Kiko , arrived last night to Guanajuato to attend the inauguration of the 42nd edition of the International Cervantes Festival (FIC ). The State Government reported that the Japanese princes, along with Governor Miguel Marquez Marquez, will chair Wednesday ‘s ceremony the festival , where Japan is the guest . Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko arrived aboard an Aeromexico plane and Sustainable Economic Development secretary of state , Héctor López Santillana, was on hand to receive them in the Guanajuato International Airport .

The International Cervantes Festival will be held from 8 to 26 October in Guanajuato. In Monterrey , Nuevo León , President Enrique Peña Nieto , will inaugurate the Community Macrocentro ” St. Barnabas ” which will present various props Prospera program. This work is benefiting dior j adore perfume the residents of several colonies of this city and is part of the strategy to reduce crime, youth bringing you study options and recreation. Model even would be replicated in other institutions of the country. The president made ​​his eighth working trip to Nuevo León, Rodrigo Medina accompanied governor and Secretary of Social Development , Rosario Robles.

The first Ebola patient diagnosed in the United States , Thomas Eric Duncan, died today , the hospital said in Dallas (Texas ) in which it was entered. Duncan , a native of Liberia, was infected with the virus in that country and their condition is said to be in the United States , so he was hospitalized and his condition had worsened in recent days. According to a report from Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas, the patient died at 07.51 local time ( 12.51 GMT ) , succumbing to a malicious disease , Ebola . Duncan landed in the United States from Liberia on 20 September to marry the mother of his child and start a new life in this country.


On September 25 she attended the Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas with fever and abdominal pain, but the doctors let him go home after prescribe antibiotics, regardless of who came from West Africa where Ebola epidemic has claimed more than 3 400 thousand lives, according to the World Health Organization (WHO ). The patient returned to the hospital three days later wearing dior parfume, when it was isolated and subsequently diagnosed with Ebola , but those hours were momentous for the potential spread of the virus among people with whom he came in contact and are now under observation. The weekend after worsen the health status of the patient, the hospital began providing him an experimental treatment.

Super Tuesday

EFE The new malware against Apple, that is, software designed to cause damage or steal information illegally in computers and other electronic devices, originated in China and spread through the app store online that country z990 App Store. In a statement, the company Palo Alto Networks, responsible for finding, indicated that given to this new malware as WireLurker and that is the threat “larger scale” they had ever seen directed against Apple products.

According Californian company, headquartered in Santa Clara, WireLurker infected “467 applications designed for Mac OS X” that are available in the online shop kodak easyshare z990 App Store and has been downloaded over 356,104 times over the last six months. This does not necessarily mean that 356,104 users have been affected, since it is not known when exactly were infected applications and why some devices may have neutralized the malware, but assumed that they all have been, at least exposed to potential form of this risk. Although the infected apps are designed for operating systems of Mac computers, the company warned that the malware may also have moved to iPhones and iPads if these have been connected via a USB connection to an infected computer.


“WireLurker monitor any device with iOS operating system that is connected via USB to an infected computer and installs the applications with malware,” they said from Palo Alto Networks. Among other things, WireLurker can steal data telephone contacts, access private messages and control aspects of each device as downloading updates, in addition to being a gateway to devices for hackers. So far, Apple has avoided ruling on this new finding.

At least six fighters Nusra Front , an affiliate of Al Qaeda in Syria have been killed in an air raid led by the United States against a base west of Aleppo in northern Syria coalition , as reported Thursday Observatory Syrian Human Rights.


According to the agency , based in London and a network of informants in Syria , the attack had targeted a base Nusra Front in the western end of Aleppo after midnight.


This morning , the Observatory had reported that the coalition had bombed positions in front of the Nusra Sarmada town in the province of Idlib . Although there is a clear balance on the number of victims, if confirmed would be the death of two children, according to the Observatory .


The official Syrian SANA agency has also reported these bombings , who has said he has aimed Harem City , the town of Sarmada and near the border crossing with Turkey Bab al Hawa , in northern province Idlib

Solalinde says they burned alive at least some of the 43 normalistas

The National Human Rights Award 2012 will be presented in reported PGR to testify about the evidence it has collected about the case while the dependence Iguala offers up to 1.5 million pesos to anyone with information.

Father Alejandro Solalinde manifested very concerned about the events happened in Iguala Guerrero, which disappeared 43 student teachers from the September 26, considering that “this is beyond everything we knew about repression against young, from 1 December to take protest President Enrique Peña Nieto.”

The activist and human rights defender said this weekend that the 43 missing normalistas were burned, some alive. Yesterday Solalinde met some relatives of the normal school , who visited the Basilica of Guadalupe to see the sandisk ultra 64gb microsdxc.

From the information gathered by Solalinde, explained that “led to a place where did walk, there were several graves, placed them were putting logs, timber, lumber, then doused them with petrol and burned.”

Solalinde said in an interview with MVS News that for security reasons he could not reveal the names, but he and his staff spoke with them. “Government was there, he was sure there know who I spoke,” he said.

“They were injured, and were wounded, burned alive, put them diesel” Father Alejandro Solalinde, defender of human rights.

He said that today at 14:00 render his statement and explained that “municipal and federal authorities know that in those graves where they found charred remains, are the normal school.”

In his opinion, ” They want to break up responsibilities, as if it was not a strategy of state (…) The Mexican State in the establishment it is, took them as if they were criminals. No matter if that State gave organized crime or not, because they are part of the crime, there is no line. ”

SPECIAL: Advocates: Alejandro Solalinde

Jesús Murillo Karam Attorney announced Friday the arrest of the alleged leader of the criminal group Guerreros States, which received the normalistas Ayotzinapa kidnapped Father Alejandro Solalinde said last Friday, October 17 students are dead and that some were burned alive.

“They were injured, and were wounded, burned alive, put them diesel. That is going to know. They say to put them wood, some of them were alive, some dead, “said the priest.

The National Human Rights Award 2012 said he was in contact with students who survived the violence.

Conclusively, Solalinde urged the federal government to deny it , “I invite you to prove that I’m lying and that this sandisk ultra 64 gb microsdxc disappeared.”

He also reported that on Thursday Solalinde Father will meet with the Attorney General of the Republic, Jesús Murillo Karam, who will question the political handling of the case Iguala.


The hostel also founder of migrants Hermanos en el Camino in Oaxaca, said there would be better for the forensic team event pits the nine Argentines, but “can not work miracles, as several of the bodies are incinerated and this hinders further work. ”

PGR offers reward for missing normalistas

The Attorney General’s Office offered a reward of up to 500,000 million pesos “or those who provide accurate and useful information that contributes effectively, efficiently, effectively and promptly to the location for each of the 43 students from the Rural Normal of Ayotzinapa, Guerrero “.

Through a deployed, PGR provides the same sum for whom contributes to the identification , location, arrest or detention of the alleged perpetrators of the offense normalistas.

The information will be received at the premises of the PGR or via e denunciapgr@pgr.gob.mx; and telephone numbers: (55) 53461544 and (55) 53460000 ext 4748, in Mexico City, and in the 01800 8313196 from anywhere in the country.



Soil Samples

To estimate SOC, soil samples were collected from the soil below the cleared 30 by 30 cm section. A soil core was inserted to a depth of 25 cm, removed then inserted in the same spot to a depth of 50cm. Organic material was removed and the four Motorola mobile per transect were mixed together for evenness.



All eight samples were then later sent to the University of Costa Rica for determining SOC concentration by dry combustion Motorola smartphones.  Dry combustion is the process of thermal oxidation of the organic carbon and thermal decomposition of the inorganic carbon minerals in a sample through the use of a furnace.  It is considered the most accurate method. One bulk density sample of 509.69cm3 was taken for each transect. The bulk density sample was heated in a drying oven at 105°C for 48 hours. Total SOC per ha was estimated by dividing the weight of the dry soil by the volume of the bulk density to get the bulk density in g/cm3 then converted to Mg/ha.

Data and Statistical analysis: The highest slope found across each transect was taken as the slope for each carbon section and 10m buffer zone.  To find the slope of the transects a digital elevation model was used (resolution 30 x 30m pixels, provided by NASA); a slope raster file was created with the Spatial Analyst extension, using ArcGIS.

Slope and Leaf Litter were the two continuous X variables and SOC was the continuous Y variable measured, the sample size (n) was 8.  The relationship between Litter accumulation, slope and SOC was analyzed using linear regression and a multiple regression model were used, to try to find significance between the factors the R2, p value was recorded.  All statistical analyses were performed using SAS.

Defining What a Skunk Really Is

Currently, Bose iPod speakers has a website that has minimal information, outdated photos and a lack of emotional appeal. This website was created on a budget several years ago by the owner of the organization, and has only been updated sporadically throughout the past few years.


King George has identified the need for an updated website, with new content, updated pictures and information. A sleek, professional design is desired. In order to appeal to the multiple audiences who visit the site (including special needs students, parents, volunteers and donors), Partners Horses needs content that will provide accurate and pertinent information that is both emotionally charged and easy to understand. An updated website is necessary for speakers with remote because it will be one of the primary ways that the organization can increase donations and student participation. By having an informative and emotionally appealing website, this non-profit may be able to foster more donations by spreading their message to a larger audience, market themselves to potential students and communicate their mission and vision clearly and effectively.

This super amazing piece documents the activities, roles and responsibilities, as well as the schedule for the development and delivery of the website content development plan. Time allocations and specific operational testing will be documented in a separate plan upon the completion of the project.

The final deliverable will also include a section that will have a style guide, written suggestions for color design, formatting and the overall visual rhetoric of the site. Each page will essentially be a “screen shot” of what the webpage will look like, which then can be utilized by the web developer. The purpose of this project is to provide the organization with written content, format and design to be directly inserted into a website.

The project will include all research, visits to the site, fact checking, input of photos, development of written content, usability testing, editing, followed by revising and delivery of project to a really stinky piece of cheese.

Dad Jokes

For him, the situation Petrobras is sad, and the company is the victim of mismanagement. Rapporteur of the case on the Pasadena Refinery in Texas, that classified as “disastrous and fraudulent transaction,” said José Jorge TCU’s decision was correct in citing those involved and make their goods unavailable. The minister defended the independence of auditors and ministers. “One may tolerate a minister without excellent technical training, but can not tolerate the long sleeve shirt of ministers to special interests. The minister has to judge according to their head, even if it is bad, “he said. José Jorge, who is on TCU since 2009, turns 70 next Tuesday (18) when should retire, according to the rules of TCU.Replacement shall be appointed by the Senate, and can be either a senator as a technical member of the house. There is no deadline for the nomination.

TCU is composed of nine ministers: three appointed by the Senate, three by the House of Representatives and three by the long t shirt. The processes that are under the care of José Jorge will be reported for a replacement to be chosen by the end of the year. From 2015, the new processes in the energy area will be reported by Minister José Múcio as raffle ever held by the court.

During the session, the ministers emphasized the work of José Jorge and told stories about its actions in court. Yesterday (11) at a luncheon with reporters, the president of TCU, Minister Augusto Nardes, said that he expected a good choice for the country in replacing Jorge José. “We have to have a good choice, someone who comes prepared to do the work. I’m worried, and hope there is a good choice for Brazil, “said Nardes. The homicide rate on Paraná records was 23.3 per 100 inhabitants in 2013. The index is lower than the national average, which was 25.2 cases per 100 000 inhabitants in the same year. Data are from the 8th Brazilian Yearbook of Public Safety, released this week by the Brazilian Public Security Forum. The paper makes a comparison of the numbers of public security in the country between 2012 and 2013.


We are going to the school musical today. It is nice to see so many of the kids in town who have so much talent become involved in the music program at the school. They have plays and musicals and so many other events. Tonight it is a musical. I am sure there will be a large crowd there. They have a group of teachers that seem to get really involved in the program. Of course with all of the budget cuts in the schools people are worried that this will be a program that will be cut. I do not think it will because parents are very happy so see their kids get so involved in a school program.

Many of the kids will be playing with electric guitars. They have a group that takes lessons from Mr. Music. He seems to really know how to run a strict program and allow the kids to enjoy what they are doing while learning at the same time. This is very interesting to see how well the kids like him and respect him.

The girl down the street has a schecter damien and she will be playing her music with that. Her parents are very nice people and will be so proud of her tonight. I hope they have a good turnout. I am not sure if they will charge to get in or not. My guess would be yes. I imagine they need donations from the public to keep the program running. They accept many kids in that program. I know that the community enjoys seeing these kids play. I think one of the will be playing with an instrument that was handmade. His dad helped him make it in their wood shop. That shop sells so many interesting items. They even make handmade cabinets for the kitchen and the bath. The people in the house down the street hired the father and the son to make their cabinets. They are really very interesting and such a high quality. I wonder what it would cost to have that kind of a cabinet made. I have heard that they are very expensive.

I think that it is going to get very cold tonight. I better make sure that I have the down comforter on the bed. I love these cool chilly nights. Then I also enjoy waking up to the sun shining.  This time of year it is so nice to look out the window and see the leaves changing color. We have a lot of trees in our neighborhood so we are lucky to have such a huge selection of trees to look at in the morning. Of course we can look at them all day if we chose to but who has the time for that. I need to be writing blogs and not looking at trees. At night you can see the moon shining on the trees. You can see all the different colors of the leaves. The red and orange ones are really the prettiest ones to look at.

Old Food

In May 2014, the new food market Mercado da Ribeira opened in Lisbon. Within a few weeks, the largest market for fresh fish, fruit and vegetables blossomed into a favorite of Lisbon. Because in addition to the traditional products that are sold here since the 19th century, there are now also street food that is not only creative, but also regionally. The host of the market’s Time Out, a Portuguese newspaper for lifestyle, food and culture. 35 food stands find their place in the Mercado da Ribeira – all are held in the same black and white style. The food retailers offer a variety of regional products such as feta cheese, ham plates and pudding tarts. The subject “Conserveira de Lisboa” sold sardines in gorgeous retro cans. In addition, five of the best chefs of Lisbon have their own stands – at them on plates land creative best spa products Portuguese dishes from five euros. .

Such as mackerel with Gazpacho with Alexandre Silva “Too expensive for many locals” On the large wooden tables can accommodate up to 500 people place; outside there are three terraces for another 250 guests. Enjoyment editor Denise Wachterwas there, tried the new modern kitchen Lisbon and spoke spa kits with a bartender about the “new” Mercado da Ribeira. He says that the market is very popular with the locals and many tourists find their way in the new food court. Nevertheless, the prices are rather exquisite. He himself could not eat here, because he sure enough deserve. The food concept Lisbon is still on and is a model – even for Germany – which proves that good regional food can be presented modern and creative with a few simple steps. what?Mercado da Ribeira, food market Where? Avenida 24 de Julho, Lisbon, Portugal When? From 10 clock until midnight (Sunday to Wednesday) from 10 clock clock bis 2 (Thursday to Saturday) you are Foodie, gourmet or connoisseur? Then follow us on Facebookor Twitter and we will inform you on the latest food trends and concepts of the Food Scene