We are going to the school musical today. It is nice to see so many of the kids in town who have so much talent become involved in the music program at the school. They have plays and musicals and so many other events. Tonight it is a musical. I am sure there will be a large crowd there. They have a group of teachers that seem to get really involved in the program. Of course with all of the budget cuts in the schools people are worried that this will be a program that will be cut. I do not think it will because parents are very happy so see their kids get so involved in a school program.

Many of the kids will be playing with electric guitars. They have a group that takes lessons from Mr. Music. He seems to really know how to run a strict program and allow the kids to enjoy what they are doing while learning at the same time. This is very interesting to see how well the kids like him and respect him.

The girl down the street has a schecter damien and she will be playing her music with that. Her parents are very nice people and will be so proud of her tonight. I hope they have a good turnout. I am not sure if they will charge to get in or not. My guess would be yes. I imagine they need donations from the public to keep the program running. They accept many kids in that program. I know that the community enjoys seeing these kids play. I think one of the will be playing with an instrument that was handmade. His dad helped him make it in their wood shop. That shop sells so many interesting items. They even make handmade cabinets for the kitchen and the bath. The people in the house down the street hired the father and the son to make their cabinets. They are really very interesting and such a high quality. I wonder what it would cost to have that kind of a cabinet made. I have heard that they are very expensive.

I think that it is going to get very cold tonight. I better make sure that I have the down comforter on the bed. I love these cool chilly nights. Then I also enjoy waking up to the sun shining.  This time of year it is so nice to look out the window and see the leaves changing color. We have a lot of trees in our neighborhood so we are lucky to have such a huge selection of trees to look at in the morning. Of course we can look at them all day if we chose to but who has the time for that. I need to be writing blogs and not looking at trees. At night you can see the moon shining on the trees. You can see all the different colors of the leaves. The red and orange ones are really the prettiest ones to look at.

Old Food

In May 2014, the new food market Mercado da Ribeira opened in Lisbon. Within a few weeks, the largest market for fresh fish, fruit and vegetables blossomed into a favorite of Lisbon. Because in addition to the traditional products that are sold here since the 19th century, there are now also street food that is not only creative, but also regionally. The host of the market’s Time Out, a Portuguese newspaper for lifestyle, food and culture. 35 food stands find their place in the Mercado da Ribeira – all are held in the same black and white style. The food retailers offer a variety of regional products such as feta cheese, ham plates and pudding tarts. The subject “Conserveira de Lisboa” sold sardines in gorgeous retro cans. In addition, five of the best chefs of Lisbon have their own stands – at them on plates land creative best spa products Portuguese dishes from five euros. .

Such as mackerel with Gazpacho with Alexandre Silva “Too expensive for many locals” On the large wooden tables can accommodate up to 500 people place; outside there are three terraces for another 250 guests. Enjoyment editor Denise Wachterwas there, tried the new modern kitchen Lisbon and spoke spa kits with a bartender about the “new” Mercado da Ribeira. He says that the market is very popular with the locals and many tourists find their way in the new food court. Nevertheless, the prices are rather exquisite. He himself could not eat here, because he sure enough deserve. The food concept Lisbon is still on and is a model – even for Germany – which proves that good regional food can be presented modern and creative with a few simple steps. what?Mercado da Ribeira, food market Where? Avenida 24 de Julho, Lisbon, Portugal When? From 10 clock until midnight (Sunday to Wednesday) from 10 clock clock bis 2 (Thursday to Saturday) you are Foodie, gourmet or connoisseur? Then follow us on Facebookor Twitter and we will inform you on the latest food trends and concepts of the Food Scene